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Practical Driving Test

Introduction to the Practical Driving Test

You can split the practical driving test into two parts. The first part consists a standard eyesight check, then you will be asked two vehicle safety questions (also known as “Show Me, Tell Me” questions). The second part of the test is the practical element assessing you purely on your ability to drive the car.

Part 1

The first thing an examiner is going to do is an eyesight check. You must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away. Next you will be asked 2 questions, one will be a “show me” question, the other will be “tell me”. You must listen carefully to the examiners phrasing of each question. Download the official list of DVSA approved of vehicle safety questions & answers here.

Part 2

Once you have passed part 1, you will then begin the practical part of the driving test. This is the longest part of the test usually lasting for about 40 minutes depending on traffic. The examiner will have a pre-set route and they will give you directions during most of the test, although you will be required to complete 10 minutes independently (video explanation), the examiner will ask you to follow a set of  specific road signs.
Your examiner will continually observe your driving technique and grade you using the DL25 grading sheet (view here), you will be expected to drive at a good and consistent standard throughout the entire test. During the test you will need to perform at least one of theses key manoeuvres, reverse park (video), reverse round a corner (video), bay park (video), or a turn-in-the-road (video). You should also note that 1 in every 3 test candidates are required to demonstrate a Controlled Stop (video).


End of Test

Once you have completed your driving test, the examiner will tell you whether you have passed or failed, and provide you with feedback on how you performed in the test. You will be asked if you want your instructor to be present at the debrief, we highly recommend you agree to this as it is beneficial for us to hear the feedback from the examiner too.



There are 3 types of faults in your test, dangerous, serious, and driving. To pass the test you must get no more than 15 driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults.


If you pass your test, the examiner will give you your pass certificate. This will legally allow you to drive a car on your own, we recommend that you update your insurance company telling them you have your full licence before driving on the roads. You can then start driving immediately, you do not need to wait for your full driving licence to be sent.


If you fail your test. You can rebook your test immediately but you will have to wait 10 days before you can take the test again.


For further information on your practical driving test, please visit our FAQs page.


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