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Our Prices

best priceWe offer the BEST service delivered YOUR way.

BEST Driver Training has over a 1/4 century experience in the motoring tradition. We have been teaching people in Devon to drive for well over 26 years, and it goes with out saying, that there’s no substitute for experience!

Here at BEST we know that people like to learn in different ways, that’s why we will always aim to work out a personalised training program that’s designed around you and gives you the best chance of passing your driving test – our primary objective is helping you become a safe and confident driver for the rest of your life not just on the driving test.


Learner Driver Training 

So where do we start?

We recommend every learner driver books one of our new 2 hour starter/assessment lessons. We want to find out about your driving experience to date, to enable us to more confidently give you an estimate on how many lessons you might need in total. Then together we can work out how many sessions we can fit into a week.

We usually recommend you book at least a 2 hour lesson each week, most people find this works best as you can cover more in a lesson. But again, it’s completely your decision, we want your training to fit around your life as best it can. Our new online booking system is perfect for those pupils who are technically savvy, if your interested in using the system please ask your instructor for more details about on your first lesson. You can use the system to monitor/request/change your lesson, you can also message your instructor or the school directly for free. Its also a great way to keep Mum and Dad informed!

If you are not interested in starting a course with us then check out our Standard Rates for hourly & block booking rates.


Professional Driver Training

We are passionate about teaching students on our professional courses and welcome all applications. Each one of our courses has been designed and tailored for fully qualified drivers looking to brush up their skills or establish a career in the Taxi or ADI professions.

As with our learner driver courses, we believe in the personal approach to your professional driver training. The course is designed around YOU and YOUR unique needs. We aim to create a consistent open/professional learning environment that is both engaging and informative. We have trained over 20 people to become fully qualified driving instructors. We work regularly with independent applicants and local taxi firms to train the next generation of skilful taxi drivers.

We are proud that our business is built on customer recommendations – 90% of all our work comes via this channel. We recommend that you get in touch with our office directly if you would like to start a professional course with us, we will be able to answer all your questions and give you further details about the course you are interested in.

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